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Should Meat Eaters Slaughter Their Own Meat?

This slideshow is a series of photos taken last year at the Vermont home of Deborah Krasner, a good friend an author of Good Meat. After a few months of living in mobile pens in Deborah's yard, her chickens and Guinea fowl were slaughtered by us and placed them in a deep freezer to keep her pantry stocked with a years' supply of home-grown poultry. More

Video: From Happy Pig to Tete de Cochon

Close to 10 billion animals are killed every year in the U.S., and more than a hundred million of them are pigs. With that statistic in mind, only six pigs died during the making of this Perennial Plate video...but it was tough. Killing animals is heavy business. Watch this video to see the process from living pig to decadent dish. More

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