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Behind the Scenes at Sunnyside Meats, Colorado's Humane Slaughterhouse

What actually sets one cut of meat above another depends on at least two industries, and often many, many more, from livestock producers to feedlots, transportation companies, packing plants, buyers, distributors, markets, and all the way to home kitchens and restaurant tables. On a recent trip to Colorado, I had the opportunity to follow the trail from ranch to market and see what the chain of production looks like to one local community in the mountains of Southwestern Colorado. More

An Inside Look at a Halal Slaughterhouse

We've looked at animal slaughter a couple times before. But recently I had an opportunity to see a side of the process which, to me at least, was totally new: the ritualized practice of halal slaughter and butchering. Halal is a whole system of eating, a set of beliefs and practices in Islamic faith that governs what and how a Muslim can eat. WARNING: This post contains some graphic images of animals being slaughtered and butchered. Click with caution. More

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