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The Nasty Bits: Thoughts On Lungs

I'd never seen a pig eviscerated, and while the other organs appeared as expected, the lungs of the pig literally took my breath away. The edges of both the lung and the liver tapered to protracted edges, like that of hand-carved wooden spoons. I'd never seen such fresh-looking, beautiful lungs in my life, and almost immediately my stomach began to grumble. More

Martha, Keith Olbermann, and WKRP in Cincinnati's Infamous Turkey Drop

MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann was on The Martha Stewart Show today, and the two got around to talking about Sarah Palin's turkey pardon/slaughter. (Leave it to Olbermann to bring up Palin.) Jezebel's got video of the exchange (Martha: "We know they get slaughtered for Thanksgiving, but that was an especially gruesome scene back there"). We've already talked about the Palin turkey video. No, what we're interested in today is Olbermann's WKRP in Cincinnati reference. If you remember the show, you may remember the episode Olbermann refers to, in which the hapless fictional station does a live turkey giveaway for an on-air Thanksgiving promo. They decide to drop the live birds from a plane for lucky listeners to capture.... More

In Videos: Sarah Palin Interview with Turkey Slaughter in Background

While watching TV last night, I caught the news snippet of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey and then talking to reporters about something afterward. I have no idea what she was talking about, though, because I was too busy gawking at the turkey slaughter going on behind her. The video, after the jump. Don't worry, MSNBC, where the clip originated, has blurred any gory details.... More

Are You Disconnected From What You Eat?

The Telegraph's Sally Peck discusses a tv special in the UK that's probably unlikely to make its way across the Atlantic: A full 90 per cent of us, according to a new BBC programme, buy our meat in neatly packaged blobs at the supermarket and thus remain disconnected from many of the moral issues surrounding the raising and killing of animals for human consumption.Last night on BBC Three, journalist Richard Johnson set about remedying our ignorance of the slaughter process in Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.In the programme, a film crew has taken over a small working abattoir and installed windows onto the slaughter room so guests can view the action close-up. An adjacent kitchen-dining room, with views onto... More

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