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Site Improvements: Faster Slideshows

Alaina Browne 30 comments

As a holiday treat for our readers, today we launched faster, more beautiful slideshows. You can see them in action on posts like this week's Share Your Sweets and 11 Food and Drink Trends of 2011. More

New! Pizza Talk Strips on Slice!

Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

You know how, in the past, when someone over in Serious Eats Talk would start a pizza-related thread and I'd copy-and-paste it and make a little post here on the Slice homepage alerting you to it? Those days are gone! That's because our handy dandy web developer, Christine, has given us "Talk strips" on Slice proper! More

Site Maintenance: Newsletter Subscription Confirmation

Alaina Browne 2 comments

We've been making some changes under the hood about how our newsletter subscriptions are managed. As a result, some SE'ers may have received or may receive a few confirmation emails to verify their preferences. More

Serious Eats Recipes: New and Improved!

Alaina Browne 31 comments

Good news, Serious Eaters! Serious Eats Recipes is all new from the ground up, thanks to all of your great suggestions. It's now easier to browse, search, and share recipes whether you're a regular reader or visiting Serious Eats for the first time. Here are some of the highlights. More

Homepage Redesign: We're Listening

Alaina Browne 42 comments

You've responded strongly and passionately to the site redesign unveiled Friday night. We've listened, are listening still, and have answered the most frequently recurring questions here. We offer insight into the design goals and shed some light on what we'll be doing in the weeks and months to come. More

New Feature: Comment Notification

Alaina Browne 17 comments

Thanks to all our dust making earlier today, all the community features have been turned back on, plus we're pleased to announce a new feature: comment notification! Now, every time you leave a comment on a blog post, talk topic, or Photograzing submission, you'll receive an email notifying you of any new comments on that thread. You'll also be notified of any comments on Talk topics you create or published Photograzing submissions. Handy! Comment notification is a profile level feature, and by default you'll begin receiving comment notification emails immediately. If you regularly comment on high comment count threads like our weekly Cook the Book giveaways, you may want to disable this feature or create a new email filter in... More

Pardon our Dust While We Upgrade

Alaina Browne Post a comment

We're making some upgrades behind the scenes today that'll allow us to bring some new, cool features to the site that we think you'll like. Beginning this morning at 8:00 a.m. ET, all community features will be disabled (commenting, favoriting, and new submissions to Talk and Photograzing). We expect the upgrade to take approximately 4 hours and as soon as it is complete, community features will be restored. Thanks for your patience!... More

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