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Welcome to Our New Homepage

Welcome to the new Serious Eats homepage! We hope you like what we've done with the place (with the help of the very talented Mule Design). Our new homepage makes it easier for you to keep up-to-date on what's new and interesting on Serious Eats. We've also got some spiffy new logos, and have made it easier to navigate between our family of blogs. So, welcome! Take a look around and let us know what you think. More

Small Cosmetic Changes

As part of the redesign of our parent site, Serious Eats, we here on Slice have gotten a new flag (above) and have lost the checkerboard background. Don't be alarmed, though. Beyond that, we're still the same ol' crusty, saucy, cheesy Slice you know and love!... More

Suggestion Box: What Would You Like to See on Slice in 2010?

With 2009 behind us and 2010 (and a new decade) under way, it's probably a good time to ask this: What would you like to see on Slice in 2010? What did we do right, but, more important, what did we do wrong in 2009? I know there's plenty of room for improvement, so sock it to me. I'm (fairly) thick-skinned. Already on the list from earlier email feedback: Refocus on regular New York slice joints as opposed to fancy-pants pizzerias More reviews Best-of lists for NYC, other cities In NYC, more outer borough coverage More at-home pizza-making material I'm... More

Some Twitter Crap

A couple things about Twitter as regards this website... First Thing: New Twitter Box As eagle-eye readers may have noticed, we added a small box to the right over there that displays the latest tweet from the @Slice Twitter account. The Slice Twitter account functions in a few different ways:... More

Our New Tweet Spot

If you haven't noticed it, I figured I'd call your attention to our new "tweet spot" on the homepage of Serious Eats. The latest tweet from our Twitter stream now appears at the bottom of the upper right hand feature box. We use Twitter in a variety of ways, but if you're not on Twitter yourself or are not following us (and, really, why aren't you?!?), you may be missing out on the fact that it's become a bit of a supplemental microblog for us. We often post links there that we're thinking about blogging on the homepage or that, for whatever reason, may not ever appear on the homepage but are still interesting, funny, or useful. So hit our... More

New Feature in Serious Eats Talk

Your wish is our command. You said you were frustrated with the way the Talk section worked. We took your feedback and—presto chango!—made some improvements to the way you can view the many useful, fun conversations happening in Talk. Recently Commented On: This new tab puts the thread with the most recent response at the top of the page. See it in action » Hot In Talk: Sorting by this tab puts the "hottest" topics at top. "Hot topic" status is based on total comment activity over the last 24 hours. See it in action » The original view, Latest Topics, sorts the column the way you may be used to—newest topic at top. Thanks for the feedback. It's... More

Bookmark It!

You may have noticed that we've added a new social-bookmarking feature to all blog posts and recipes. The icons you see at the top of each blog post (next to "share") link to a few of the most popular social-bookmarking services. These services allow you to store, tag, share, and promote links with your friends, people with similar interests, and the internet at large. And since it's the internet, you can use these services from any computer, at home, at work, or on the go. If you come across a story or link on Serious Eats, Slice, A Hamburger Today, or Ed Levine Eats that you find interesting, want to save for future reference, or share with other people, simply... More

We Hardly Knew Ya ...

... but now things have changed on all Serious Eats profile pages. Last night we added fields for Location, About, and Last Bite on Earth. Head on over to your profile page, if you'd like, and share a little bit about yourself! (Strictly voluntary, of course.)... More

Serious Eats Sidebar Widget

You may have noticed the new sidebar widget we launched today. It offers different views of the wealth and depth of Serious Eats, and gives you a snapshot of what other Serious Eaters are reading, talking about, and sharing. Let us know what you think!... More

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