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Chocolate Made of Coffee: KA-POW! by Sahagún Chocolates

Drinks Meister 1 comment

Though not indigenous to the same region, coffee and cacao plants have long been closely linked, courtesy of both an overlapping trajectory of transplanting and the almost startlingly similar set of processing steps it takes to transform each into the treats we love. Portland, Oregon micro-chocolatier Sahagún has taken chocolate and coffee's connection one step further with the cheekily named KA-POW! bar, in which single-origin coffee beans replace the traditional roasted cacao. More

Espresso Profiles: Blends vs. Single Origins

Drinks Meister 9 comments

Asking whether someone prefers an espresso made from a blend of coffees or a single-origin bean is kind of like asking whether they prefer a romantic symphony or a blazing sax solo. They both have their time and place, but they're certainly very different music. So what's the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee? And what are the benefits of each? Let's take a look. More

Coffee Chronicles: New Single-Origin Offerings at Joe

New York Liz Clayton 4 comments

[Photos: Liz Clayton] Not every crop of new coffee selections arrives with a personal ambassador, but when you have the chance for a formal introduction, why not take it? Ecco Caffè coffee educator Amber Fox paid a cross-coastal visit... More

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