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What Does 'Single Origin' Coffee Really Mean?

Drinks Liz Clayton 8 comments

By now, most enlightened coffee drinkers know the difference between a single origin coffee and a blend. Or do we? Last week, Starbucks added an Ethiopian coffee to their offerings, billed curiously as a "single origin blend". More

Espresso Profiles: Blends vs. Single Origins

Drinks Meister 9 comments

Asking whether someone prefers an espresso made from a blend of coffees or a single-origin bean is kind of like asking whether they prefer a romantic symphony or a blazing sax solo. They both have their time and place, but they're certainly very different music. So what's the difference between a blend and a single-origin coffee? And what are the benefits of each? Let's take a look. More

Coffee Chronicles: Losing My Single-Origin Espresso Virginity

New York Allison Hemler Post a comment

"Being into coffee means you have to put your feelers out there and try things you're skeptical of." [Photo: HKmPUA on Flickr] Every so often, a cafe will announce the arrival of a "guest espresso," which adds another layer to... More

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