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Photo of the Day: Oscar's Adirondack Smoke House

Photograph taken by Alyssa Heumann Oscar's Adirondack Smoke House may be known for smoked meats and cheeses, but never having eaten their products I'll only know it as "the restaurant with the unsettling anthropomorphized cartoon-like pig figures out front." They're so excited to serve you their own flesh! It could only be better if the pigs eyes glowed red at night, which I'll assume doesn't happen. Related The Anatomy of a Swine: Good, Good, and Real Good Behold the Bacon Pig Photo of the Day: Pig Murder... More

Photo of the Day: Closed Sign

chickencrap.com This is easily the most epic story I've ever read on a "Closed" sign in my life. I wish my nickname were as awesome as Cucumber Dip. Read the story below: We will be closed the week of July 4th in remembrance of the great Greek victory in the Battle of Tabouli, where General Baba Ghannouj triumphed over the Cretan forces of Falafel Baklava. Despite being badly injured during the battle, Baba Ghannouji's whife Gyro still managed to give birth to 13 more children despite losing both her legs. Th youngest of her son's Mythos, known to his peers as Cucumber Dip, went on to set an Olympic record in the Skull Toss. A record which reminds unbroken... More

Photo of the Day: 'This Card Entitles You To The Best Service'

If you frequently visit Esparks Coffee, maybe you should get a V.I.P Membership Card. Not only does the card save you 10% on your purchase, it also "Entitles You To The Best Service." Don't settle for mediocre service; you deserve the best! But only if you have the card. For a fun activity (and preferably if you have absolutely nothing else to do), gather some of your friends and try to recite the poster's words in a way that best reflects the variety of typefaces, colors, and use of caps. Mine would go something like this:... More

Photo of the Day: A Rediscovered Sweets Shop

After the closing of this pet food store on Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace/Park Slope, Brooklyn, a surprise was found behind its fading painted sign and wooden boards: a beautiful stained glass sign from an old, possibly 1930s-era sweets shop. Hopefully it will get cleaned up and actually be turned into a store that sells candy, soda, and ice cream—or at least, the sign won't be covered up again.... More

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