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Pizza Specials Inspired by 'Breaking Bad'


Are you watching Breaking Bad? If not, what the hell is wrong with you? It's by far the best thing on TV right now. There have been a couple of notable pizza moments in the show's history. Maybe that's what inspired the folks at Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to make these specials: the (Ba)con (Ba)d and the ... Meth-Ham-Feta-Bean. Clever.


Sign Promotes Trading Children for Doughnuts

Photograph from gordmckenna on Flickr Breaking with the tradition of signs reading "Warning: Unattended Children Will Be Sold to the Circus" or "Given a Cappuccino and a Free Puppy," we see a sign that implies a profit on the finder of any lost children. Because, while you may get money from selling a child to the circus, money is no match for a few good doughnuts. [via Unique Daily] Note: Serious Eats does not condone black market trades of children for doughnuts. Or any black market trade, for that matter. Related Grammatically Correct Signs at Trader Joe's Photo of the Day: Open Signs Retro Restaurant Signs... More

Photo of the Day: Open Signs

Photograph from mag3737 on Flickr This collection of neon "Open" signs on Flickr is pretty impressive. There's definitely a theme: usually red, capitalized, and linked with Asian food, coffee, or the Subway sandwich chain. Related Awesome Vintage Restaurant Signage Photo of the Day: 1957 Neon Dunkin' Donuts Sign Being Dismantled Must Wash Hands, Restaurant Bathroom Signage Blog... More

Chipotle Redesigns Logo

From left: Chipotle's original logo, its pepper logo, and the redesign of the pepper logo. I think I had the same reaction as Brand New blogger Armin Vit to the redesign of the circular Chipotle chile pepper logo: I didn't even know the burrito chain had moved away from its original retro-shape-sign logo. The new signage and branding has begun rolling out across the chain's 800-some U.S. locations. [via Gordon Eats]... More

The Design of Grocery Store Signage

Eat Me Daily The blog Eat Me Daily takes a look at food-merchandising signs. They're so ubiquitous as to be almost invisible, but when viewed en masse you begin to see a sort of beauty and subtle playfulness in their variation.... More

Awesome Vintage Restaurant Signage

The best chicken wings come from chickens who sweat fear. From cheetafight.com. Cheata Fight Image Library by artist Anthony P. Munoz is full of great, mostly hand-painted vintage signs from around the world. Some of our favorite food-related signs include ones involving panicking chickens, "Chainese Fost Foods" from India, and this painted menu featuring a stack of pancakes and unidentified black disks. [via Super Punch] Related Photo of the Day: A Rediscovered Sweets Shop Photo of the Day: 1957 Neon Dunkin' Donuts Sign Being Dismantled Photo of the Day: Jim Georgie's Donuts... More

Must Wash Hands, Restaurant Bathroom Signage Blog

Must Wash Hands, a photo blog documenting "employees must" signs in restaurant loos. I heard once that the proper amount of hand-washing time was however long it took you to sing "Happy Birthday." Let's all not sing that aloud in the can, though. [via Eat Me Daily]... More

Photo of the Day: Porking the Nation

(Photograph courtesy of Rebecca Kolsky) Out of the blue, my buddy Paul Lukas, the genius behind ESPN.com's Uniwatch column, food writer for the New York Sun, and the publisher of my all-time favorite 'zine, Beer Frame: The Journal of Inconspicuous Consumption, shared this photo with me: "If you're receiving this, it's because I know you're fond of meat and/or interesting signage. So you'll understand why I had to show you this photo." It was taken by Rebecca Kolsky in Zambia.... More

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