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A Sandwich a Day: Shrimp Toast Sandwich at Son of a Gun in Los Angeles

Shrimp toast, already one of the greatest gifts to the world's taste buds, receives a perhaps unnecessary, but much appreciated, additional boost from chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (of Animal) at their new L.A. seafood-centric Son of a Gun. The two dudes take the classic shrimp toast and sandwichize it, slapping gorgeous hunks of tender shrimp between slices of crackly, buttery grilled toast. More

Tiki Week: Shrimp Toast

Of all the Tiki Week dishes, shrimp toast was probably my favorite growing up, and not because I loved shrimp. In normal Tiki style, the main ingredient in this dish is not really the point. The shrimp, flavored with scallions, garlic, sesame, and soy, ends up more as a vehicle for ensuring that all the aromatics are stuck nicely to the "toast." And I put that in quotes, because it's not often that the word "toast" refers to "deep fried bread." More

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