'shrimp tempura' on Serious Eats

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: Shrimp Tempura

A few preliminary attempts at making tempura revealed to the folks at America's Test Kitchen why some Japanese chefs devote their entire careers to this one technique. Success hinges almost entirely on the batter—which is maddeningly hard to get right. Among other things, they settled on using the largest shrimp available, since it's easy to overcook small shrimp. Instead of a wok, they substituted a large Dutch oven. For the batter, they replaced a bit of the flour with cornstarch to improve the structure and lightness. For a super tender coating, they used a combination of seltzer and vodka instead of the traditional tap water. To see how they did it, watch the video here and then go visit America's Test Kitchen for the recipe. (Free registration required.) More

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