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The Nasty Bits: Skate Wing

The Nasty Bits Chichi Wang 10 comments

These strange, bottom-dwelling fish—that resemble a cross between a sting ray and a fish—are really sharks with pectoral fins so large they're referred to as "wings." This is more apparent if you take home one of its two "wings" without having your fishmonger do anything (like skinning or filleting it). More

Off the Beaten Path: Beyond Dosai at Flushing’s Southern Spice

New York Joe DiStefano 8 comments

I love dosa. What’s better than a crunchy, ghee-greased conical crepe packed with spiced potatoes? It's so delicious that I’ve often wondered whether there's more to South Indian food. Until this week, I've never seen a dish besides dosa... More

Shark Week Tastes Like Chicken

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

As I reported for the Washingtonian food blog yesterday, the Discovery Channel’s twentieth anniversary of Shark Week has some local restaurants hatching shark-themed menus. I like themes. And I like television specials on the migratory patterns of tiger sharks. But is noshing on the man-eating predator, well, kosher? Obi Sushi out in Reston, Virginia, is featuring shark fin soup, shark tempura sushi rolls, and a shark steak salad. Last year, they were joined by a smattering of eateries in Silver Spring, Maryland—conveniently near the Discovery Channel's world headquarters—that served shark-bait tar tar appetizers, grilled shark antichuchos (marinated shish kebabs), and other funky shark permutations. According to Obi Sushi spokeswoman Scotty Charneco, the fish "kinda tastes like chicken" and is pretty... More

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