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Poll: Do You Share Straws?

Ah, middle school dates. Walking around the mall, chaste hand-holding, sharing one straw for a supersize cup of cola. Somehow, sharing one drinking straw was what made it extra romantic. As the years have gone by, a habit of sharing straws—and the possibly germy consequences—might have stuck. Or maybe you've wisely chosen to avoid a side of mono with your milkshake. When you're out with your friends, do you adhere to a one-drinking-straw-per-drinker rule, or do you throw germ caution to the wind and share? Take the poll! » More

Poll: Do You Ask Before Eating Off Your Friend's Plate?

Some of us were raised in a family-style methodology of eating where it's understood that my plate is your plate. For others, the path from your friends/significant other's/family member's plate to yours is a bit more treacherous. Do you have to wait for your friend to portion out a piece and drop it off? Or have you reached a level intimacy where you don't even have to ask? Take the poll! » More

When Is It Socially Acceptable to Share Food?

With certain friends, ordering repeats is not, under any circumstances, allowed at a meal. Two enchilada orders? Dear heavens, is this some kind of sick joke? Talk about a waste of another sharable dish. For others, sharing food is like sharing gum or toothbrushes. You kind of just don't go there, whether for germ-phobic or territorial reasons. The spectrum ranges from full plate-sharers to nibble-sharers to that food is freakin' mine, step off, anti-sharers. Of course food-sharing varies by culture and upbringing, but for many Serious Eaters, the pro-smörgåsbord mentality allows you to try many things. (Though we can probably all agree that it's not cool to offer someone a taste, only to have them snatch it up like... More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 25: The Land of Too Much Plenty (And So Much Sharing)

Here's my dilemma. I have two completely conflicting impulses. I want to taste every delicious thing in this world, and I also want to keep control of my weight so that I can live to see my son grow old and our future grandchildren grow up. Can I succeed in doing both? Sometimes, when I'm feeling good and in control, I think the answer is yes. At other times, when there is so much food coming into Serious Eats world headquarters and when I feel the need to food-explore every morning, diet success seems like an impossible dream. This past week was an impossible dream week, and from a dieting-living perspective, it might have been saved by the other... More

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