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Pizza Is Like Sex, Sex Is Like Pizza

buycostumes.com When you've been blogging about pizza for more than five years, you've heard the old "pizza is like sex" joke—"even when it's bad, it's good." It ceased to amuse me by, oh, about the second time I heard it, which is why I was surprised when I found myself LOLing at a recent thread in the Serious Eats Talk section: Sex is like pizza...or is it... You look back on your experiences with it in college, and say, "What was I thinking?" (If you've already seen this thread, forgive me. I'm still catching up on stuff I missed... More

Chewing the Fat: Batali and Bourdain on Sex

Mario Batali and Tony Bourdain are a couple of champion fat chewers who know and like and respect each other a great deal, so we thought why not bring them together for the next set of Chewing the Fat episodes. Food and Sex: Church and State? Batali and Bourdain discuss. What say you, serious eaters? [Possibly NSFW conversation after the jump]. The new season of Tony's show No Reservations airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel. Mario's show, Spain...On the Road Again, co-starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Bittman, continues on PBS.... More

Restaurants That Hit the (G) Spot

Citysearch asked sex-perts like Village Voice columnist Tristan Taormino and adult toy shop Babeland co-owner Claire Cavanah what New York restaurants are better than sex. (Bonus: With news that Josh Ozersky is leaving Grub Street for Citysearch, he will... More

Jamie Oliver Calls for a Ban on Sex to Get Men Cooking

The UK Times reports that Jamie Oliver, while making a Channel 4 series in the town of Rotherham, England, said he was shocked by how few men can cook. He suggested that women should refrain from sex with their husbands or boyfriends to punish them if they refuse to cook: “Men are driven by sex... So the best way for women to get their men into the kitchen would be to stop having sex with them until they start to cook.”... More

Pill That Kills Your Appetite... And Boosts Your Libido

I can't decide whether this news from the BBC is great or terrifying, so maybe it's both: Scottish researchers are developing a pill to boost women's libidos while simultaneously reducing their appetites. As a psychologist points out in the article, a lot of the time our problems with both food and sex are not biological but mental—taking a pill that makes you want to eat a third less might make you lose weight, but it doesn't help you address why you felt you needed to eat all that extra food. It might be an easy diet, but it'll still end up a yo-yo diet. (Also, if it does turn out to work, I'm sure there are many women who'd legitimately... More

The World's Most Infamous Aphrodisiacs

Care for something saucy? The Village Voice's Robert Sietsama has a lovely short piece in Salon on the world's most infamous aphrodisiacs: "Even in the U.S., most Jamaican eateries serve up cow cod soup on the weekends, a thick pottage of the bovine member cut up into little gelatinous pieces and mixed with roots and herbs selected for their similar therapeutic effects. This soup is used more for prophylaxis than for remedial purposes, and, come Saturday night, no Jamaican man feels embarrassed about fortifying himself with a serving in full view of the other diners. When you give it a try, wash it down with one of the roots tonics that are available in the same restaurants, and which sport... More

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