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Spice Hunting: Sesame Seeds and Oil

Though I may be pushing the bounds of this column, I can't help but write about black sesame, either the seeds or the oil made from them. Sesame seeds are as culinarily complex and versatile as coffee or chocolate, and several Asian cuisines are bound as strongly to toasted sesame oil as Mediterranean cooking is to olive. Sesame is cheap, texturally interesting, and wildly flavorful; it belongs on the front shelf of your pantry. More

Scooped: Black Sesame and Orange Ice Cream

In Asia, black sesame ice cream is as classic a flavor as vanilla in the States. There's not much to improve on it—it just works. Ground black sesame seeds take on the texture of tahini in that "so creamy it changes your perception of what creamy can be" sort of way. The rich, roasted flavors of the seeds, which give off an aroma as complex as fine chocolate, are a perfect match for a light custard. More

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