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A Brief Guide to Great Stinky Cheeses

Serious Cheese Benjamin Roberts 18 comments

Don't fear the funk. Try any one of these seven stinky cheeses to experience some of the most alluring textures and flavors known to cheesekind. More

Serious Cheese: What's the Deal with Raw Milk Cheese?

Serious Cheese Benjamin Roberts 9 comments

Raw, or unpasteurized, milk has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Here's what you need to know, and, should you decide to try some firsthand, five of our cheesemonger's favorite domestically-produced raw milk cheeses. More

Serious Cheese: How to Make a Fancy-Looking Cheese Plate on a Budget

Serious Cheese Benjamin Roberts 23 comments

Think you need a fat wallet to make a fancy cheese plate? Think again. Our cheesemonger columnist tells you how to make an impressive-looking plate on a budget. More

Serious Cheese: Be My Cheesy Valentine

Serious Cheese Benjamin Roberts 7 comments

Naturally, when you think of romance, you think of cheese. In the pantheon of amorous foods, there are oysters, chocolate, and then...cheese. (At least that's how I rank them.) Please thank me in advance as I save your Valentine's Day through the powers of fermented mammal milk. Sexy, non? Here's a guide to buying cheese for your squeeze. More

Serious Cheese: The Olympic Cheese-Plate Showdown

Serious Cheese Benjamin Roberts 2 comments

It's February, and the polar vortex is in full effect across the country. The winter blues have raked your soul bare and there is truly nothing to look forward to. Wait, what's that? Ice dancing? Curling? Jamaican bobsledders? That can mean only one thing: the winter Olympics are nigh! And what Olympic celebration would be complete without a global celebration of artisan cheese? More

Giveaway: Win A Copy of 'Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese'

Serious Cheese The Serious Eats Team Closed

It's always exciting for us when a SE contributor gets a book deal. It's even more exciting when the book comes out and the finished product is chock-full delicious recipes, beautiful pictures, and useful, fun information. Serious Cheese columnist Stephanie Stiavetti's and collaborator Garret McCord's new book, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese, accomplishes all that and more. Here's your chance to win a copy! More

'Cheddar is a Verb:' Behind the Scenes at Grafton Village Cheese in Vermont

Chris E. Crowley 4 comments

For decades, Grafton Village Cheese has been producing fantastic hand-crafted cheddar in rural southern Vermont. We stopped by their facilities to learn about the sheep's milk revolution, creating American originals, and why 'cheddaring' is a verb. More

Serious Cheese: Four Swoon-Worthy Creamy Cheeses

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 4 comments

A collection of double- and triple-cream cheeses for the true creamy cheese connoisseur. More

Four Pacific Northwest Cheeses Fit for a King (or Queen)

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 9 comments

If you weren't aware that Oregon is a state to be reckoned with on the dairy front, let me shake you from your slumber with four sublime cheeses from the Beaver State. More

Three Sheep's Milk Cheeses You Must Try

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 14 comments

Maybe it's the luxurious fatty texture, or perhaps it's the characteristic grassiness that conjures visions of green pastures and wide-open blue skies. Regardless of your reasoning, the fact remains that when you sink your teeth into a fine specimen of fermented sheep's milk, it can rock your world. Here are three of our favorites. More

Eat This Cheese: Brebirousse d'Argental

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 1 comment

Brebirousse d'Argental is clean and clear, with a smooth buttery softness that smacks of salt, grass, and the lovely quality of fattiness that only sheep's milk can afford. More

Five West Coast Cheeses You Must Try

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 17 comments

Unless you're living under a rock where no cheese exists, you're probably aware that the West Coast is home to many of the artisan cheese world's most inspired varieties of fermented dairy. But of all the small-time cheese producers churning out new kinds of cheese, which are the the most reliable favorites? Here are five West Coast cheeses you simply MUST try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. More

Serious Cheese: 12 Tips for Cooking with Cheese

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 12 comments

Most of us are used to eating fine cheeses on a cheese plate. And sure, that's an awesome way to enjoy expensive dairy products. But have you thought about actually cooking with fine cheeses? Here are 12 tips to help you get the best possible results. More

Eat This Cheese: Delice d'Argental

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 5 comments

Tasting notes on what might be the most luxurious cow's milk cheese on the planet. More

9 Vermont Cheeses To Get Your Hands On

Hannah Howard 17 comments

Nowhere is better to bask in the wealth of handmade USA cheese than in Vermont, a true cheese-lover's paradise. It's the state with the highest number of artisanal cheesemakers per capita: over 40 of them. And many of them are making some decidedly fine cheese. I would suggest trying all artisanal Vermont cheese that you encounter, but to help narrow things down, here are some wonderful ones with which to begin. More

Let's Talk About Ordering Cheese Online

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 8 comments

Ordering cheese online is a completely doable reality. Here are some tips if you're looking to order some specialty cheeses online. More

Get to Know Your Cheesemonger. Like, Now.

Serious Cheese Stephanie Stiavetti 14 comments

Your homework is this: go to your local cheese shop and introduce yourself to the man or woman behind the counter. Explain that they'll be seeing more of you because you are such a passionate cheese lover. Tell them the kinds of cheese you enjoy, ask them for a few recommendations, then sit back and enjoy the ride. More

Meet a Cheesemaker: Soyoung Scanlan of Andante Dairy in Petaluma, California

Serious Cheese MartinJ Post a comment

Cheesemaker Soyoung Scanlan isn't just one of the most respected cheesemakers in America. She's become one of the most admired cheesemakers in France, too. She's aging traditional French-style cheeses that could compete with some of the best in France. Not bad for a woman who started her Andante Dairy in Petaluma, California, only 12 years ago. More

'Culture,' a Magazine for Cheese Lovers

Serious Cheese MartinJ 8 comments

For years, as the great cheese renaissance took off, there was no magazine to unify those making the cheese or tell the serious cheese-philes where to buy it. Then in 2008, at the bottom of the worst recession in generations, Culture magazine started. I loved it but feared its future. But, thankfully, two and half years later it's thriving like the wheels of goat-gouda at your local cheese shop. The magazine's editor wouldn't be surprised if McDonalds started selling cheeseplates in ten years. More

4 Tips for Buying Great Cheese on a Budget

Serious Cheese MartinJ 17 comments

There is more great cheese available to Americans than ever before, but a lot of it is expensive. Very expensive, as you all pointed out in my last column on shopping for cheese. Here are four simple tips for the cheese enthusiast on a budget. Did you know the fresh chevre made for the Trader Joe's in-house label comes from Laura Chenel, one of the pioneera of the contemporary American hand-crafted cheesemaking movement? More

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