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First Look: Ambar Brings the Balkans to D.C.

If you're unfamiliar with Balkan food and what cultural intricacies differentiate Bosnian and Serbian cuisine, you're not alone. There is little to no Balkan representation in D.C.'s food scene, that is, until last month when chef Ivan Iricanin (Masa 14 and El Centro partner) opened up Ambar on Barracks Row. More

Date Night: Kafana

"Kafana je moja sudbina" (Kafana is my destiny) goes the popular song, filled with fiddles and and maybe an accordion. (Check it out on iTunes.) We would love it if someone took us on a date here, we said to each other, laughing, since we were already there. Even with a handful of other eaters, a Friday night dinner still felt like a find—and it was certainly a deal, the pricey fish notwithstanding. Kafana, with its old-world charm and cheap, filling feed, is best for: an offbeat, low-cost date. More

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