'secret menu' on Serious Eats

The Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items

Consumerist's finally gotten around to posting their Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items--a list of fifteen big chain restaurants and the secret items you can order from them. Caveat emptor, they say: "Before reading this please note that this article has not been fact-checked. This report is based purely on reader suggestions. We are posting them entirely without confirmation and are not going to try to order any of this crap in order to confirm its existence. We would die of heart disease, be broke, and our ass would be the size of Texas."... More

Secret Off-the-Menu Items

Buzzfeed's put together a page on Secret Off-the-Menu Items at different restaurants, and it's fun to look through whether or not these are places you eat at. I'd argue that In-N-Out's secret menu is somewhat of an oxymoron now since it's on their corporate site but I had no idea Jamba Juice had secret flavors! The White Gummi sounds gooood.... More

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