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We Chat with Chef Wolfgang Ban of Seasonal, Edi and the Wolf, and The Third Man

Chef Wolfgang Ban has a large laugh, a joyful sense of play, and a serious menu at his Michelin-starred Seasonal in midtown, as well as his downtown Edi and the Wolf and The Third Man spots. With his roots in western Austria heavily influencing his menus, he's lived in New York for over ten years and easily calls it home. We caught up with Wolfgang about what it takes to keep a fine dining restaurant relevant over time, how his corner of Austria is a melting pot not dissimilar to New York, and what the word 'hospitality' actually means. More

We Chat With Chef Edi Frauneder of Seasonal, Edi & the Wolf, and The Third Man

It's been a busy few months for Chef Eduard Frauneder: while hurricane Sandy flooded one of his restaurants, he was trying to open a bar, all while maintaining the sense of community he and his partner Wolfgang Ban have worked hard to build. We sat down with him to talk about the challenges of recovering from the storm, opening his new bar, and what family means to his business. More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Seasonal

Seasonal 132 West 58th Street, New York NY 10019 (between 6th & 7th Avenues; ; map); 212-957-5550; seasonalnyc.com Service: Excellent: precise and Germanic Setting: A clean, modern room sets the perfect stage for cuisine that's just that Cost: $27... More

Serious Beer: Seasonal Fresh-Hop Beers

Once a year when hops are ready to be pulled from the vine, some brewers celebrate the season by heading out to local farms to harvest hops fresh. Once gathered, the hops need to be added to the brewing kettle as quickly as possible—the delicate flowers spoil rapidly, especially if exposed to heat. More

Inspired By Autumn's Falling Leaves, It's Time to Fill Some Pies

Not only are autumn leaves falling all over the sidewalks and our lawns this time of year, they're also popping up on pies, cookies, and chocolates. Autumn leaf cookie cutters are a savior when you don't have the patience to trace a leaf shape for 20 cookies or 50 tiny leaves on an apple pie. Take a peek at these savory and sweet Autumn leaf pies by Megan Reardon from Not Martha, perfectly shaped with a cookie cutter to reflect the outdoors and filled with market ingredients. Though Megan based her creations on recipes, I'm convinced the sky's the limit for this variation on a hand pie. For a sweet pie, I'd stuff mine with sautéed pears, honey, and... More

Halibut Is Here!

If you like halibut, rejoice! The time to eat it is upon us! Karen Gaudette of the Seattle Times says the first shipments of the new season have begun to arrive from Alaska. "Halibut should continue arriving until late fall, when fishermen reach their permitted limits. Prices likely will fluctuate throughout the season, depending on the size and quality of shipments, but right now are between $18 and $20 per pound for steaks and $20 to $23 per pound for fillets."... More

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