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Where To Eat Great Sea Urchin In NYC

Salty and briny with a metallic twang and more than a hint of iodine, sea urchin is (along with oysters) the most ocean-evocative food in the world, and as a seafood lover and lifelong coastal resident, I'm often in the mood to have the ocean evoked to me. Here are seven of my favorite ways to get sea urchin in New York. Some are simple, some are more complex, all are delicious. More

The Nasty Bits: Sea Urchin

In my hands was a sea urchin plucked from the Caribbean not ten minutes before. The thing lay alive and quivering, its needles oscillating slowly wherever it was prodded. My plan was to go the hotel kitchen to procure a real knife and the company of cooks more sympathetic to my hunger for sea urchin roe. More

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