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Chinese Food Carvings

[Photograph: national Palace Museum] That's not a glistening chunk of pork—that's a stone carved to look like a glistening chunk of pork. The "Meat-shaped Stone," along with the "Jadeite Cabbage," made during the Ch'ing Dynasty (1644–1911) are some of the most famous pieces at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.... More

Butter Sculptures Gallery

The next time you slather the creaminess on toast, please realize: butter has another noble purpose. Inspired by the life-sized butter reconfiguration of Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, we wanted to dig deeper and better understand the curious art form. Butter Sculptures: A Brief History Tibetan Buddhists were first to bestow upon us the butter sculpture. Covering monastery altars and family shrines for years, the intricate offerings are still sacred today. Monk artists work in extremely cold conditions to avoid the inevitable melting issue. During the 19th century, the tradition spread to North America where butter sculpting has become a standard at state fairs. One of the most recognizable and beloved is Butter Cow, first created at the Iowa State... More

Photo of the Day: Optimus Prime Made Out of Cans

It's your favorite leader of the Autobots, ready to kick ass with organic chili and canned tuna: Optimus Prime! Matt Boulton took this photo of Optimus Prime made out of cans at Canstruction Vancouver, a can sculpture competition after which the cans are donated to food banks. For more information, visit canstruction.org. [via neatorama]... More

Photo of the Day: Melting Ice Cream Truck

Who needs a thermometer when you have a molten ice cream truck? By that point you don't need an exact reading; it's simply "too damn hot." This sculpture by Orest Keywan in Australia won the artist the $30,000 Sulpture by the Sea prize in 2006. [via The Last Appetite]... More

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