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Progress in School Food Reform: Michelle Obama and Bill Telepan Making a Difference

Leah Douglas 8 comments

Michelle Obama just kicked off her new healthy children campaign, called Let's Move. In New York City, chef Bill Telepan is trying to reach those same goals by working directly in school kitchens and improving lunch recipes at public schools. Read on to find out more about these two initiatives. More

Launching Today: FoodCorps, 'AmeriCorps for Food'

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Given all the negative light that's been shed on school lunches, it's great to see FoodCorps come along. The program, which launched today, is sort of an "AmeriCorps of food." In fact, FoodCorps, whose founders began planning its future this week, operates under the aegis of AmeriCorps. More

The Future of School Lunch Reform

Leah Douglas 18 comments

School lunch is currently one of the hot topics in food policy. So much that a new film called Lunch Line is coming out this spring to emphasize the history and development of the school lunch program. With the influence of documentaries such as this one, and efforts of lobbying groups and researchers, hopefully the National School Lunch Program can see positive changes in the near future. More

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