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Lindsay Lohan's Family Abuses the Carvel Free Ice Cream Black Card

Here's the latest in Lohan family drama. Get excited, it's pretty ridiculous! Last year Carvel issued 75 Black Cards to celebrity friends ("chosen based on their known love of Carvel," says Fudgie the Whale) in honor of their 75th anniversary. These Black Cards got them free ice cream for 75 years—but just them, not their moms! Lindsay and her sis Ali both scored cards, but mother hen Dina and the extended family have been using abusing them. And Carvel finally busted them for it. More

Scandal: Some Italian Buffalo Mozzarella Found to Contain Cows' Milk

[Photograph: Eustaquio Santimano on Flickr] According to the Associated Press, some of Italy's famed buffalo mozzarella may actually be short on the milk of water buffalo. The agriculture minister there suspended the head of the buffalo-mozzarella-makers trade group. The ministry said about a quarter of the 530 samples of buffalo mozzarella tested by authorities over the course of last year showed traces of cow milk. Some samples were up to 30 percent cow milk, ministry spokesman Giampiero Beltotto. D'oh! Something to think about next time you're at a place that offers buffalo mozzarella on its pies at a premium.... More

White House Does Not Serve Foreign Beer

Toward the end of the Boston Globe's story today about the whole Henry Louis Gates Jr. affair: "I look forward to meeting Sgt. Crowley under more pleasant circumstances, and having that beer," Gates told the Globe yesterday in an email, saying a date has not been set. He said he’s partial to Red Stripe and Beck’s. He may not get his pick, as they are foreign beers, which are not stocked at the White House, under a tradition dating to the Johnson administration. Hue beer would have totally irked LBJ, had it existed at the time. [via The Awl]... More

British Parliament Scandal Widens

Photograph from ** Maurice ** on Flickr If you haven't been paying attention to news from the U.K., some members of Parliament have come under fire in the last week for taking liberties with their expense accounts, including hedge-trimming, moat-clearing(!), and tennis-court repairs at their homes. Who knew there would be a pizza angle, though? One member of Parliament bought so much in the upscale food section of the department store Marks & Spencer that he got a free pizza wheel. Blimey!... More

Ferran Adrià Looking to Break into Pizza Business; Italians Not Happy

CORRECTION: Adrià not opening a pizzeria. "Not anytime soon." Uh oh. Ferran Adrià and his brother Alberto have announced plans to open a pizzeria in Barcelona, raising the hackles of some Italian pizza partisans. But the world-renown chef and owner of El Bulli (the "best restaurant in the world" for four years running, is not going to deconstruct the dish using the high-tech "molecular gastronomy" techniques he's known for: Ferran and his brother Alberto, the pastry chef at cutting-edge El Bulli, plan to open a straightforward pizzeria in Barcelona, apparently one that will be gimmick-free. They insist their goal is... More

The Sincerest form of Korean Taco Flattery?

California Taco Trucks has a roundup of links showing how the CalbiBBQ truck has copied the Kogi taco truck from logo and menu right down to its Twitter marketing strategy. Chicanery or just a happy case of "more Korean tacos for everyone"? A very interesting post from the Kogi team gives further insight.... More

Jimmy Fallon Twitters About Getting Kicked Out of NYC Pizzeria

"@jimmyfallon Oh, I'm afraid you've started the revolution, and they're hard to stop" Late Night It looks like Jimmy Fallon went to pizzeria Posto with his family last night and was asked to leave. The drama unfolded on Twitter. I've tried to piece together the saga by reading Fallon's tweets and the conversation between him and his Twitter followers. A few notes before you start reading: For those not versed in the twitspeak, the "@username" convention is how tweeters designate that they're talking to a specific Twitter user For experience tweeters, note that this reconstructed conversation runs chronologically (or as... More

NectarineGate: Zuni Cafe's $8 Nectarine Dessert Is Actually $4.50

Earlier this week, we told you about a supposed $8 Blossom Bluff Nectarine on the dessert menu at San Francisco's Zuni Cafe. Ridiculous surcharge for a single piece of fruit, right? A Zuni Cafe representative chimed in to clear up the misunderstanding: It should be $4.50. "The only $8.00 item on the menu was a pot de crème." Ridiculous still, but maybe less ridiculous? We will keep you updated with other NectarineGate details as they come through the wires. [via Eater SF]... More

Robert Irvine Has Started a 'Blog Site'

Robert Irvine, the fired Food Network chef who has himself admitted he "was wrong to exaggerate," has started what he calls a "blog site." Irvine comes out punching, setting the record straight for all you haters with a 1,000-plus word blog post. There are some rumors and stories that have spread over the internet and in the papers, some containing only a grain of truth, most untrue, some wildly inaccurate. I’m not going to bore anyone by rehashing old tales or defending against every misinformed accusation... Previously Robert Irvine Fired from the Food Network Celebrity Chef Has Pants on Fire... More

Heinz Pulls Mayo Ad With Men Kissing

After less than a week on British television, a Heinz Mayo advertisement featuring two men kissing—essentially it's just a peck—got yanked after Heinz's ad agency received nearly 200 complaints, reports the Guardian. The thirty-second commercial displays two children rushing out for school as "Mum," a white-aproned New Yorker-sounding deli man, slathers mayo onto their sandwiches in the kitchen. The scene's "Dad" walks through to grab his lunch, kissing "Mum" on his way out, who calls him "sweet cheeks." The point here seems to be that the sandwich tastes so good, it's like you have your own New York deli man in the kitchen—not that sandwiches taste better after two men kiss. Average domestic "Mum" can be transformed into a top-notch... More

Cindy McCain Stealing Cookie Recipe?

It seems like Cindy McCain is up to it again. It looks like she's been caught with her hand in the cookie jar trying to pass off other folks' recipes as her own. In this case, the nattering nabobs of negativity are saying she's guilty of lifting a recipe for Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies from Hershey's. Here's Cindy McCain's recipe (part of a prospective first lady cookie showdown; here's Michelle Obama's Shortbread Cookies recipe). I'm going to give Ms. McCain the benefit of the doubt here. Her recipe is remarkably similar to the Hershey's recipe, but here are some talking points Cindy could use to get ahead of this spin:... More

Robert Irvine Reemerges

In his first communication since a March 28 missive claiming he had made "mistakes," Robert Irvine reemerges in the form of an email newsletter, Comic Sans and all. In his monthly e-newsletter for April (there was none for March), Irvine describes how "the past few weeks have been filled with a lot of ups and downs," and lashes back at critics: "Even though a lot of what happened was mischaracterized, I know one thing: I can cook." Further in, he attempts to rectify past mistruths, or, alternatively, perform a little history revision: The intro to his Food Network show Dinner Impossible used to claim, until it was edited out, that he had "worked for three presidents," but in the email... More

Cindy McCain Allegedly Lifting Recipes from Food Network

Cindy McCain; Giada De Laurentiis In what it's calling "Farfallegate," the Huffington Post breaks a huge story sure to derail Senator John McCain's bid for the presidency. Cindy McCain has allegedly been lifting recipes from the Food Network site, including those of Giada De Laurentiis: On a section of McCain's site called "Cindy's Recipes," you can find seven recipes attributed to Cindy McCain, each with the heading "McCain Family Recipe." Ms. Handel quickly realized that some of the "McCain Family Recipes," were in fact, word-for-word copies of recipes on the Food Network site.At least three of the "McCain Family Recipes" appear to be lifted directly from the Food Network, while at least one is a Rachael Ray recipe with... More

Robert Irvine Speaks

Robert Irvine publicly responds to his fabricated resume. He says, "I'm trying to move forward," and may have another TV show in the works. [via Food Network Addict]... More

Alan Richman Slams Les Halles: Payback for Anthony Bourdain's Golden Clog Awards

Food critic Alan Richman, blogging for GQ, totally dogs Les Halles, the restaurant many food TV fans know as Anthony Bourdain's joint. (Bourdain consults for Les Halles as "chef-at-large.") Says Richman: What's more appalling than the food or even the absurd title of Chef-at-Large is that the smirking Bourdain has somehow become the de facto public face of the restaurant industry. It's as if Steven Seagal had been named president of the Screen Actors Guild. The review is unusually harsh, from seating to dessert, and one can't help but wonder if it's payback for the Golden Clog award that Bourdain and Michael Ruhlman bestowed upon Richman last month. Why Les Halles? Why now?... More

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