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Savoy's Annual Cassoulet Festival: 7 Cheffy Takes on Cassoulet

Let us count the ways you can reinterpret the French stew-casserole hybrid, cassoulet. Recently seven chefs did for Savoy's Cassoulet Festival. The restaurants they represented included: Savoy, Nuela, Vinegar Hill House, Hundred Acres, wd-50, Fatty Johnson's, Back Forty. Check out how each reinterpreted the concept with crispy partridge terrine, pickled tongue, and pine nuts, and more. More

Savoy, At Lunch: The Best Burger in New York? No Cheese, Please

In the last ten years New York has become the burger capital of America, and therefore the world. Thanks to the laser-like focus on burgers by New York's large and hugely competitive chef and restaurateur community, no other city offers the breadth and depth of the burger offerings found in Gotham. But let us argue this point elsewhere. I only offer this bit of provocative burger punditry as a vehicle to extoll the virtues of a new discovery, the burger served only at lunch at Savoy—chef Peter Hoffman's about-to-be twenty year-old Soho restaurant. One that deserves a place in New York's burger pantheon. More

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 122: Eat Less, Weigh Less

This week I've finally gotten back to doing what works for me: portion control, portion control, and portion control, along with a side order of Ed Levine-approved exercise (biking, swimming, squashing). Yup, I'm back to Julia Child mode, eating everything in moderation. A few fried clams, oysters, and scallops; two small, small pieces of pie; even half a snack-size McFlurry with Reese's mix-ins. The key words here are few, small, and half. I genuinely believe that the weight control answer for me lies in those three words. More

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