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DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Your Own Root Beer Liqueur

I like to think of root beer as the gateway beverage into the big, bad world of booze. Even though it's a big leap from A&W to Fernet Branca, there's definitely a connection between what makes a good root beer and what makes a good alcoholic beverage. This homemade root beer liqueur has more in common with an aperitif than it does with a soda, because the sugar is dialed back and the root-and-bark goodness can shine through. More

Taste Test: Sarsaparilla

Europeans thought sarsaparilla healed syphilis, and others have claimed it's a cure for herpes and gonorrhea. Assertions of STD-removal aside, sarsaparilla makes for one mighty fine beverage that root beer lovers would be remiss to overlook. We tasted six of the most widely available brands. Did your favorite win our hearts and take home the gold? More

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