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Memories Lounge in Sarasota, FL is a Dive Bar to Remember

Drinks Jamie Feldmar 8 comments

I love a dive bar. Can't help myself; I just do. I've picked my poison in dive bars all over the world, each one special in their own way, but my very favorite dive is Memories Lounge in Sarasota, Florida, a gem of an establishment physically adjacent to a liquor store in a strip mall near the airport. More

Not Your Typical Doughnut-Related Breakfasts at Buddha Belly Donuts in Sarasota, Florida

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Doughnut-centric blog The Blognut has come back from a four-month hiatus to bring us a review of Buddha Belly Donuts in Sarasota, Florida. You could just get a plain glazed doughnut, but why would you do that when they also make doughnut breakfast sandwiches and doughnut French toast? According to their Facebook page, they also have weekly doughnut specials, this week's being a Cookies and Cream-filled doughnut. I'll take one of each. More

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