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We Try Every Saranac Soda

It's no surprise that the best part of any brewery tour is the unlimited beer tasting afterward. But it is a surprise when the guy behind the bar is just as staunch about you trying the company's root beer in addition to that wet hopped IPA. Such was the case on my recent tour of FX Matt Brewery, of Saranac beer fame, in Utica, New York. When I'm offered a taste of root beer—and ginger beer—made proudly in my own state, I'm not one to turn down a glass. More

Soda: Saranac's Shirley Temple Soda

What was your preferred method of Shirley Temple–making when you were a kid? My recipe: 9 parts grenadine to 1 part Sprite, with a cherry. Why? Because I wanted the sweetest, cherriest thing I could possibly guzzle down. Having consumed more than my fair share of them as a child—I was the kind of kid who'd want cherry Coke without the Coke—I was happy to see Saranac, a New York brewery I like, marketing a Shirley Temple soda. More

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