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Eric Lohela of the Food Scraps Collection Program in Santa Barbara

Eric Lohela, an environmental services specialist, started the Santa Barbara Food Scraps Collection Program with colleagues three years ago, but it's now under his purview and gaining momentum. The program collects food waste from restaurants and schools, trucks it to a composting site, places in it long rows called windrows, and turns it regularly by large machines to introduce oxygen into the pile. A five-minute conversation with him almost inspires you to throw on galoshes and join him in the food scrap compost bin. More

Street Food Profiles: The Burger Bus in Santa Barbara, California

Note: It's time for another edition of Street Food Profiles. This week we scoot to Santa Barbara where a former school bus becomes a delicious burger-mobile. "CB&J," aka Cheeseburger and Jelly (that would be jalapeno jelly). [Photographs: The Burger Bus] Name: The Burger Bus Vendors: Cheryl and Michael Gardner Twitter: @theburgerbus Location and hours? Tuesday through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturdays are TBA. Locations vary but are always updated online. What's on the menu? Locally sourced cheeseburgers (including one with jelly), falafel, and sides like yam fries, fried pickle chips, and onion rings. How long have you been street fooding? Five months. How has Twitter affected business? Although Santa Barbara is a small city, Twitter helps remind... More

Video: The Burger Bus from VendrTV

In the latest episode of street food show VendrTV, host Dan Delaney visits The Burger Bus in Santa Barbara, California. This school bus-turned-food truck serves burgers made from locally sourced ingredients, including a special cheeseburger with apricot jalapeno jelly.... More

Seriouso Cinco de Mayo: California Tacquerias

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Julie Besonen hips us to a couple of Santa Barbara taquerias that sound awesome, including El Bajío for its "sensational seafood soups, fresh moles and well-seasoned, slow-roasted meats," and Los Arroyos, "famous for warm, freshly cut chips and creamy guacamole heaped in a molcajete." El Bajíio is a tidy, brightly lighted hole-in-the-wall, but its sensational seafood soups, fresh moles and well-seasoned, slow-roasted meats belie its modest trappings. The quesadilla adobada ($8.55), a flour tortilla filled with shredded pork, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, onions and cilantro, radiated heat and juicy sweetness. I wish I hadn’t felt compelled to eat so much of it (sharing is highly advised) because I could barely muster more... More

"Do rich people eat tacos?"

Photo courtesy of The Great Taco Hunt I don't know who Cindy Price is, but she wrote a great mouthwatering story in today's NY Times about her search for the ultimate taco along Route 1 between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cindy hit 28 taquerias in five days. That's some serious taco eating. She started in LA, and hit my favorite taqueria there, El Taurino. El Taurino is a little scary (the last time I was there an armed guard kept watch over the dining room), but the tacos there are fantastic. She headed up to Santa Barbara, where before she tried the late Julia Child's favorite taqueria, La Super Rica Taqueria, she posed the following question: "Do rich... More

Review: Char West

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA Ninety miles north, Santa Barbara is Los Angeles's favorite weekend retreat; a red-adobe-tiled sliver of Spanish colonial buildings, emerald mountains, and sandy coves. Among the matchless Mexican food, epic hiking, and good surfing, there are a few... More

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