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Cookie Monster: Basil Cornmeal Sandwich Cookies with Apricot Filling

Typically when I approach my mother's basil plant, I come at it like an Army hairdresser to a new recruit: the thing leaves shorn to the scalp and practically bald. (Hey, it's a fact of life when you like to eat pesto straight out of the bowl.) This time, I decided to be lenient and use just a few of the larger leaves. Which happens to be enough to make these cookies. More


Named after the two little peepholes that resemble reading glasses, La Boulange: Cafe Cooking at Home presents these lunettes, with two kinds of jam sandwiched between buttery cookie squares. More

Bake the Book: TKO Cookies

TKOs are Sebastien Rouxel's design on the classic chocolate sandwich cookie. Both the size and quality are on a grander scale; they measure three inches in fluted diameter, and are elegantly filled, drop by drop, with a piping bag. You can follow all these delicate steps yourself, or take a couple shortcuts: the results will be impressive either way. More

Mint Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pies

These fat, cakey, filled sandwich cookies take their color and taste inspiration from a favorite ice cream flavor, with extremely agreeable results. The refreshing minty flavor of the cookies is pair perfectly with a rich, thick chocolate filling, making them a crowd-pleasing dessert. Though optional, a few drops of green food coloring really bring the ice cream association full circle, making for a nostalgic and novel sandwich cookie treat. More

Cookie Monster: Chocolate Raspberry Baci di Dama

When planning a trip to Northern Italy, it didn't occur to me stop in Turin, a city best known for the 2006 Winter Olympics, Fiat cars, and a mystical shroud that's supposedly embossed with Jesus' face. Luckily I had a friend who had spent a year there as a student, and he alerted me to a fact that makes Turin perhaps the most desirable city in Italy: it's the home of Gianduja. More

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