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Los Angeles: The Best of the 200-Item Menu at 'Northern Chinese Restaurant'

You gotta love truth in advertising. Simply dubbed Northern Chinese Restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, delivers on its name. The dishes are from Dongbei, the region that encompasses the northeastern provinces of Heilongjiang, Liaoning, and Jilin. This food tends to be hearty and filling with pungent flavors—a lot of lamb, hefty dumplings, and meat pies. With its enormous menu (some 200 items deep!), Northern Chinese Restaurant is an excellent, if sometimes inconsistent, spot to give the region's cuisine a spin around the lazy Susan. More

Dim Sum at Sea Harbour in the San Gabriel Valley

[Photographs: Chichi Wang] In the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, you can't drive more than a mile in any direction without passing another Cantonese restaurant with dim sum. The competition is so stiff that I've never encountered an awful dish in all my years of Sunday morning dim sum. To be the best in the SGV, a restaurant must be innovative in its interpretation of the hackneyed classics, as well as consistent in its execution. Sea Harbour in the city of Rosemead meets both criteria with flying colors. A longtime favorite of dim sum connoisseurs, Sea Harbour is located in an isolated stretch of Rosemead Boulevard across from a vacant lot. Neither the higher prices nor the inconvenient... More

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