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Snapshots from South Korea: Foods You Must Eat in Jeju-do and the Mainland

Chris Hansen 10 comments

This is just a slice of the diversity of Korean cuisine. You'll notice themes across the dishes: the simple pleasures of local and seasonal ingredients, blushes of heat from spice and fire, and above all, pride in food and of country. Take a look at some of the best bites: the bulgogi, the street food, and much more. More

Flushing: A Clearly Unconventional Path to Pork Belly at Han Joo

New York Chris Hansen 7 comments

In Flushing, we'd previously explored a curiously brilliant way to cook a feast of samgyeopsal (pork belly) at Tong Samgyeop Gui, and at Han Joo restaurant, we find a cooking technique we'd never seen or heard of previously—samgyeopsal cooked on a crystal grill. More

Flushing: Pork Belly at Tong Samgyeop Gui

New York Chris Hansen 19 comments

It's no secret that New York epicures have a love affair with the pig, especially the fatty, decadent cuts such as the jowl, rind and belly. It's certainly en vogue for pork belly to occupy a prominent place on menus, from trendy eateries to fine dining. But I'd like to let you in on a secret that's too good to keep to myself. There's a restaurant called Tong Samgyeop Gui in Flushing—just a 20 minute hop, skip, and a jump on the LIRR—that serves some of the finest pork belly in New York. More

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