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'Salon' Asks, 'Why Is the U.S. So Into Faddy Foods?'

And then, after floating several possible reasons, answers: "America's fickle eating habits are actually a function of everything that America has gotten right, or at least, a result of things that make America so uniquely American: science, progress, open-mindedness, abundance and an emphasis on commerce and entrepreneurship. The "frontier mentality" that allows people to quickly adopt new foods also represents liberalism, flexibility and a willingness to experiment." [via Food News Journal] More

Paul Clarke on Salon

There's a great interview with cocktail blogger Paul Clarke on Salon [Heads up: You'll have to wait out an ad to enter the site]. Paul is a contributor here on Serious Eats, so we all read it with particular enthusiasm. And it was nice getting to know Paul a little better through the piece. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject really come through: On your blog, you list everything in your liquor cabinet. It's quite an extensive collection—including over 17 types of rye, 12 types of brandy and 29 types of rum. Where do you keep it all? By last fall, I had overtaken all the top shelves in the kitchen, so my wife graciously gave me the hall... More

Your Worst Meal Ever

Salon had a great piece recently when they asked a number of food writers to write about their worst meal ever. This of course got me thinking about my worst meal ever. When I started ruminating on what constitutes an awful meal, I realized that truly terrible meals are all about dashed expectations and dire circumstances. When it comes to abysmal meals context and circumstances are everything. It was a cold April day in 1968. I was a junior in high school attending Hackley in Tarrytown, NY. We went to play a rival school in baseball. I pitched seven innings. I must have thrown over a hundred pitches. My arm was about to fall off, my whole body was aching... More

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