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5 Valentine's Chocolates We Love

"If you're going to give chocolate for Valentine's Day", says Serious Eats Overlord Ed Levine, "you can't give crappy chocolate. It's disrespectful." Luckily, you have more options than ever this year. Here are 5 Valentine's chocolates we particularly adore—wonderfully executed spins on the classics and carefully crafted sweets that offer unusual (and delicious) flavor combinations. More

Chocolate Made of Coffee: KA-POW! by SahagĂșn Chocolates

Though not indigenous to the same region, coffee and cacao plants have long been closely linked, courtesy of both an overlapping trajectory of transplanting and the almost startlingly similar set of processing steps it takes to transform each into the treats we love. Portland, Oregon micro-chocolatier SahagĂșn has taken chocolate and coffee's connection one step further with the cheekily named KA-POW! bar, in which single-origin coffee beans replace the traditional roasted cacao. More

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