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Cook the Book: Ribollita "Da Delfina"

While the big, beefy steaks and cellared Brunellos are some of Tuscany's flashier offerings, the region is also home to a homier dish, Ribollita, a filling bowl of minestrone thickened with day-old bread. When Nancy Silverton decided to adapt this wintry soup for The Mozza Cookbook she looked to the restaurant Da Delfina, where they do ribollita a little different, transforming it from soup to a crunchy soup-based fritter. More

In Season: Rutabaga

[Flickr: Jodigreen] In season October through March, rutabagas are often referred to as table turnips or swedes. These brassicas are members of the mustard family, and are one of the most commonly grown and widely adapted root crops. The rutabaga is very similar to the turnip except that it generally has yellowish flesh, a denser root and smooth, waxy leaves similar to cabbage. Tips and recipes, after the jump.... More

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