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8 Bar Snacks Under $8 That We Love in Portland

Emily McIntyre 4 comments

Bar food in Portland, Oregon, is something special. Here are 8 of our favorite 'snack' eats under $8. More

The Best Tiki Drinks in Portland, OR

Drinks Miranda Rake 3 comments

When most people think tiki, they probably don't think of grey and rainy Portland, OR. But they should! Tiki is, at its core, escapist. It's also retro and surreal-bordering-on-strange. Portland folks need a little escape, and they welcome with open arms all things vintage and especially all things peculiar. And now, young champions of all things mai tai have brought together craft cocktail methods and the dreamlike world of the tiki bar, most successfully at southeast Portland cocktail paradise, the Rum Club, and northeast's totally-tiki Hale Pele. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order at the Rum Club in Portland, OR

Drinks Greg Harned 1 comment

Portland's Rum Club has been a perennial favorite for industry folks looking for a post-shift drink since Mike Shea first opened the bar in 2011. We asked the Rum Club crew (including newcomer Adam Robinson) to pick their 5 favorite drinks on the menu. More

Portland, OR: 6 Delicious Cocktails to Drink Right Now

Drinks Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

It's fun to do a whirlwind tour of Portland, Oregon's cocktail bars: Puddletown's bartenders are always whipping up something unusual and delicious to try. On a recent trip, I enjoyed cocktails at the Rum Club, Kask, Clyde Common, Beaker & Flask, and The Bent Brick. Here are the six best drinks I sampled. More

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