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Snapshots from the UK: Rules, London's Oldest Restaurant

"It's a place where you feel like you should sit up straight but you're too weighed down by the meal to actually do so." Scilly Isles Lobster served cold with asparagus. [Photographs: Kerry Saretsky] After living in England for a year, I can attest that the country is as steeped in history as its tea is steeped in water. It’s also a place where, admittedly, I had a hard time eating happily. I love stews, fish, cheese, peas, and anything fried, so I couldn’t understand why the food and I never got along. But I was always on a quest for really excellent old English food and at Rules, the oldest restaurant in London, I finally found it. Smoked Highland... More

Espresso on Ice Is Not OK, and Other 'Restaurant Policies'

Photograph from Greencolander on Flickr Just outside Washington D.C. in Arlington, Virginia, local mini-chain Murky Coffee will not serve espressos on ice. “I’m sorry...it’s against our policy.” According to Murky Coffee, diluting the espresso will compromise the integrity of the coffee, and that's "not cool," as one barista told an agitated customer. "Touching a waitress’s chest is not okay. Pouring the coffee onto the floor instead of the cup is not okay." But according to blogger Jeff Simmermon behind And I Am Not Lying, requesting ice should be okay. Once the skirmish reached popular blogs, Murky Coffee owner Nick Cho responded, arguing for the "craft of coffee." While Starbucks or another corporate coffee chain might serve the ice without flinching,... More

Six Rules to Eating Street Food

Phil Lees writes a fantastic food blog from Cambodia called Phnomenon and has put together a short guide to eating street food, for the benefit of fellow intrepid eaters, and maybe those just starting to dip their toes in. He says, "I tend to eat more food from the street in Cambodia than your average tourist as well as eating everything that the LP warns me against and tend not to ever injure myself doing so. I don’t have a cast-iron stomach and accordingly, I eat in a way that I consider sensible."... More

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