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19 Hearty Root Vegetable Recipes We Love

Yes, root vegetables have a reputation for being heavy and sweet, long-cooking, and, well, boring. But for a class of vegetable that spends its lifetime underground and survives conditions that most produce simply cannot endure, root vegetables could also be called winter's unsung heroes—used properly, they can be remarkably delicate, fresh-tasting, and complex. From a vibrant and crunchy shaved beet and radish salad to the creamiest, cheesiest potato gratin you'll ever meet, we've got 19 recipes to prove it. More

15 of the Best-Looking Burgers We've Eaten So Far in 2013

We know you come to AHT not just because you're looking for your next great burger, but simply because you want to gaze at some burger beauty. Hey, there's no shame in it! Even if you're hundreds of miles away from any of the cities we have boots on the ground (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, etc.) ogling burger photos is always a good time. So go ahead...take a good, long look at 15 of the best-looking burgers we've eaten so far this year. More

Staff Picks: Burger Places with Great Beer

Sometimes all you want is a great burger and the beverage that goes alongside it isn't too important. But other times, access to a wide variety of awesome beer is equally crucial to eating a delicious burger. For those times, we've compiled a list of a few favorite spots across the nation to simultaneously satisfy a craving for an exceptional pint and a delicious beef patty. Click through the slideshow to see all of our picks. More

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