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Damon Gambuto's 14 Most Memorable Burgers in Los Angeles and Beyond

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 18 comments

It's nearly impossible for me to imagine a world without burgers and only slightly less difficult to envision one without reviewing them here on A Hamburger Today. Sadly, the latter imagining is about to become a reality: I'm relocating back to my hometown of New York City and thus ending my Los Angeles burger column. More

14 of Our Favorite Double Burgers

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 8 comments

In the spirit of doubling down on the things we love, we've put together a roundup of 14 tasty burgers with double the beef from across the country. More

12 Tasty Egg-Topped Burgers

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 8 comments

In honor of Easter—the eggiest day of the year—we're rounding up a dozen fried egg-topped burgers from across the country. More

6 Smashingly Good Smashed Burgers

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 17 comments

Looking for a tasty smashed burger and don't want to do the cooking yourself? We've got you covered with this round-up of six worthy spots that will set you up with the thin, crust-covered patty you crave. More

8 Ways to Bake With Whole Wheat Flour

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Want to bake with more whole wheat flour this year? This collection of recipes is a great start. More

Staff Picks: Favorite Burgers of 2013

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson Post a comment

We're already looking forward to all of the burger goodness that's sure to come in the new year, but before we officially shut the book on 2013, we're taking a moment to remember the best burgers we ate in 2013. More

The Best-Looking Burgers of 2013, Part 2

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

Aww, yeah... it's time for another drool-worthy roundup of burger photos. Check out some of the most enticing burgers we ate during the final months of 2013. More

7 Lamb Burgers We Love

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

Beef is the protein of choice on the majority of burgers reviewed on AHT, but that doesn't mean we don't love a good lamb burger now and then. Check out the slideshow for seven of our favorite lamb burgers from restaurants. More

20 Light Pasta Recipes We Love

Lily Chin Post a comment

Make the best of late summer produce in this array of light and refreshing pasta dishes. Jump straight to the recipes below, or click through the slideshow for some more inspiration. More

This Week in Recipes

Eric Singerman Post a comment

From ramen burgers to tomato corn bread, take a look at this week's recipes. More

15 of the Best-Looking Burgers We've Eaten So Far in 2013

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

We know you come to AHT not just because you're looking for your next great burger, but simply because you want to gaze at some burger beauty. Hey, there's no shame in it! Even if you're hundreds of miles away from any of the cities we have boots on the ground (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, etc.) ogling burger photos is always a good time. So go ahead...take a good, long look at 15 of the best-looking burgers we've eaten so far this year. More

Staff Picks: Burger Places with Great Beer

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 5 comments

Sometimes all you want is a great burger and the beverage that goes alongside it isn't too important. But other times, access to a wide variety of awesome beer is equally crucial to eating a delicious burger. For those times, we've compiled a list of a few favorite spots across the nation to simultaneously satisfy a craving for an exceptional pint and a delicious beef patty. Click through the slideshow to see all of our picks. More

12 Burgers with Unusual Toppings That Really Work

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 10 comments

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles...and maybe a squirt of mayo, mustard, or ketchup. The standard toppings will never cease to be tasty, but sometimes, you want a burger with a bit more personality. For those occasions, here are a dozen creatively-topped burgers that really work. Check out the slideshow to see all of the unique burger toppings. More

This Week in Recipes

Ari Rudess Post a comment

From Mexican street corn to gluten-free pies to DIY apricot liqueur, here's every Serious Eats tested and approved recipe we made this week. More

15 Sweets To Pack For Your Next Picnic

Sweets Amalia Safran 1 comment

It's picnic season, and to go along with your savory dishes, we have a few suggestions for dessert. These sweets are perfect for laying out on that checkered sheet as they pack easily, don't melt in the sun, or make for a messy, hard to cut or portion treat. More

29 Dishes to Bring to Your Next Picnic

The Serious Eats Team 13 comments

With summer in full swing, there's no better place to be than outside. Forget the pool. Forget the beach. Gather up your favorite checkered blanket, a bottle of water (or wine, if you're feeling adventurous), and a few of these picnic favorites and head to the park for some al fresco noshing. More

Chocoholic? Ice Cream Obsessive? A Guide To Making Dessert For Dad

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 5 comments

It's tempting to make a list of "dad desserts" that just includes everything beer and broey (as much as desserts can be such a thing.) But you know what? Dads are just like us. Some like chocolate. Some like vanilla. Some are cookie monsters and some want nothing more than a pint of ice cream that they can ruin for the rest of us. More

The Ultimate Memorial Day Recipe Guide

The Serious Eats Team 9 comments

We've spent the last week putting together a series of recipe guides to help you out by the grill this weekend. Here they are, all in one place. You'll find chicken, steak, sausages (homemade and storebought), hot dogs, pork, barbecue, and vegetables, along with grill-side drinks, make-ahead desserts, and all manner of finger foods. All you need is to provide the grill, some will, and a serious appetite. More

22 Recipes We Love For Cinco De Mayo: Tortas, Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, and More!

Eunice Choi Post a comment

We've rounded up our favorite main dishes for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. More

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