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Street Food Profiles: Roli Roti in Northern California

[Flickr: Gary Soup] Name: Roli Roti Vendor-rotisseur: Thomas Odermatt Twitter: @RoliRoti Location and hours? 27 farmers' markets in Northern California (check out the schedule here) from San Jose to Sausalito to Davis. [Flickr: mercedesfromtheeighties] What's on the menu? Gourmet rotisserie meats such as free-range chickens, heritage pork (made into porchetta sandwiches), and lamb. How long have you been street fooding? RoliRoti started in 2002, but Thomas has been grilling meats for much longer. It all started back in his family's butcher shop in the Swiss Alps where his father Otto taught him the secrets of beautifully grilled rotisserie meats. When he arrived in Berkeley, California, Thomas was taken with the local gourmet food movement but found that the typical... More

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