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Let Them Eat: Raspberry Rosewater Cupcakes

While I don't think I'll ever convert to the commercial cult of Saint Valentine, I do believe in making food that induces love, or at least, infatuation. If you are a floral bouquet kind of guy or gal, this is a fitting end to the romantic candlelit meal you've elaborately planned, but if you're not, these can make a declaration of love year-round: the cupcakes delicately exhale rosewater, their cores beat with red raspberry hearts, and their gently iced tops lie demurely under sugar-dusted satiny petals. More

The 'Julia Child' Rose Cultivar

Rosa 'Julia Child' Wow. Nice find, gutreactions! Julia Child apparently chose this specific rose cultivar, hybridized by Tom Carruth of Weeks Roses, to bear her name. "Julia loved the even butter-gold color and the licorice candy fragrance." This rose has a rounded habit and excellent disease resistance, raising the bar for any English-style rose. Julia Child also features a sweet licorice perfume that exudes from each fully petaled flower, as well as a butter-gold color that’s perfectly suited to any landscape. For rose aficionados out there, its parentage is "[(Voodoo x R. soulieana derivative) x Summerwine] x Top Notch," and is hardy in Zone 5 (or Zone 4, with winter protection). [via Talk]... More

The Secret Ingredient: Rose Water

Rose Water Recipes Melon and Mozzarella Salad with Rose Water Vinaigrette and Crisp ProsciuttoBerries with Rose SabayonRosey Rosé Imagine that you are asleep, and you are dreaming. And in this dream, you are a bee. You are cruising on autopilot through an English garden. This really is the stuff of dreams—being so surrounded by food, that you don’t know where to begin. You buzz from one rose to another, and then you find one: big and fuchsia and reeking to high heaven of perfuming rose. You shuffle your little body, antennae first, down into the center of the rose, and crash down into the bottom. As you toss yourself around in pollen, the great petals harbor you in, and... More

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