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5 Neighborhood Restaurants for an Unexpected Romantic Dinner in Chicago

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

As a food writer, I am legally required to post about eating out on Valentine's Day. Honestly, it's in the bylaws somewhere. Which is fine, because as a husband, I have to admit that I am actually all for the tradition, even if I have very definite opinions about the specifics. More

Where to Take a Date for Cocktails in Portland, OR

Drinks Miranda Rake 2 comments

Portland's an excellent town for cocktails, and these 5 picks for romantic drinks are all conveniently located near at least one great restaurant. If all goes well, you and your date can move the party from the bar to the dinner table. More

Where to Take a Date for Cocktails in Los Angeles

Drinks Katie Robbins 3 comments

Whether you're looking for cocktails to spark conversation on a first date or for something to take the edge off after leaving the kids with a sitter, here are 6 of our favorite LA spots for a date night drink. More

Where to Take a Date to Drink: 5 Romantic Spots for Cocktails in Boston

Drinks Dan Souza 6 comments

When your normal beat is geeking out on snack chips, it's a breath of fresh air (and...uh...fresh breath) to be asked to investigate romantic spots to sip cocktails. I've been living, drinking, and dating in Boston for a few years now and have gathered quite a bit of on-the-ground intel on where it's best to bring a date. Each of these cocktail destinations offers warm lighting, plenty of cozy seating for two, and most importantly, top-notch drinks. More

Where to Take a Date for Drinks in San Francisco

Drinks Wes Rowe Post a comment

Here's our guide to 5 great places to bring a date for drinks in San Francisco, each offering something different to get you in the mood. We've narrowed it down to bars with good ambiance and/or wonderful views, excellent beer, wine, or cocktail selections, and proximity to good pre- or post-drink date activities. More

Look Who's Talkin': Recent Comments We Have Known And Loved

Lia Bulaong Post a comment

There's so much activity over at Serious Eats Talk, we've got lots of great people leaving interesting comments that maybe not everyone gets to see, so I decided I'd highlight my favorites from the past week or so. They run across the spectrum of emotions, but they're all fabulous: Tragic "Funny story - the hub and I were in New Orleans for the World's Fair in 1984. We ate at the Japanese pavilion's restaurant. The restaurant only provided wooden chopsticks, the kind that you have to break apart, no forks. The couple at the table sitting next to us had no idea how to use them. They were scooping up the food with the chopsticks still joined. It was comical.... More

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