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Ask a Coffee Roaster: What's Your Favorite Coffee-Growing Country?

Drinks Liz Clayton 4 comments

Nowadays, folks who roast coffee for even relatively small, artisan roasting companies are able to travel the world to visit the places where coffee grows, and meet the farmers there. We asked four roasters what their favorite growing origins are, and why. More

New Trends in Coffee: The Age of the Nano-Roaster

Drinks Nick Cho 7 comments

Do you know your coffee history? A look at a few of the changes in the coffee scene over the past decade. More

Should You Roast Coffee at Home?

Drinks Nick Cho 21 comments

Just because you can roast your own coffee at home, does that mean you should? More

Roasters Do More Than Just Roast

Lia Bulaong 3 comments

Chris of Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen declares it's time to find new uses for roasters: "No matter how sexy-shiny our All-Clad roaster is, in order to justify the purchase, we need to cook with this $159.99 pan more than once a month. Down with expensive, single use kitchen tools!" One of their commenters says her mother uses her roaster to cook mussels for a group, because it's the perfect size and height and you can serve them in it; another makes caramel corn in it during the holidays. What do you do with your roaster?... More

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