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A Sandwich a Day: Tex-Mex Reuben at Mr. G's in Plano, TX

It's not really a Reuben. In fact, even calling it a Tex-Mex Reuben is a little misleading: there's no pastrami or corned beef and it contains no sauerkraut. No, this sandwich is not a Reuben of any sort! But at least they kept the rye and the Russian dressing. The Tex-Mex Reuben ($6.99) at Mr. G's Beverage and Deli is a grilled beast of beef and pepper. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef at Darwin Cafe in San Francisco

The roast beef sandwich ($9) at Darwin Cafe is piled high on thickly-cut, toasty and charred slices of sourdough, made brilliant by a rich combination of sweet corn aioli and cherry tomato jam. Sweet, creamy, and bursting with flavor, every bite declares "it's still summertime." Darwin, a pocket-sized cafe tucked away on Ritch Alley in SOMA, changes up their sandwiches every few months (hence the delicious seasonality). More

A Sandwich A Day: 'The Schumwich' from Subway

The "Schumwich" is New York Senator Chuck Schumer's sandwich of choice, and, according to the Post, "an inside joke of sorts among the armies of political aides who have slaved away in Schumer's office." It's a roast beef sandwich on Italian bread, with mayo and mustard—plus banana peppers, pickled jalapeños, extra onions, extra tomatoes, and extra extra pickles: two full layer's worth. Clearly, we had to try this beast for ourselves. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef at Brennan & Carr

While the entire Kaiser bun is dipped, somehow it doesn't fall apart while you eat it. The flavor was fantastic—rich, meaty, salty—and the beef was sliced paper-thin and very tender. Once I finished my sandwich, the waitress came over and asked if I'd like another. I declined, but in hindsight, I probably should have gone for another round. More

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