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Edamame and Radish Risotto From 'Vibrant Food'

I'm a sucker for the bright intensity of the humble and accessible radish, which makes a hot pink appearance in the Spring Roots section of Kimberley Hasselbrink's new cookbook, Vibrant Food. After a stint in a hot pan with butter, their peppery bite is slightly mellowed, but the remaining juicy crunch, vivid color, and distinctive pungency offsets the simple, creamy risotto. More

From the Archives: Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is a fall stand-by in my household. Risotto gets a reputation for being time consuming and difficult to make, but I'm not sure where that reputation comes from. The actual process of cooking the rice takes only about 20 minutes, and while you can sit there stirring the rice with a 100-year old wooden spoon bequeathed to you by your late Italian grandmother, our process is much, much easier. More

Ramp Week: How To Make The Rampiest Risotto

The great thing about ramps is that unlike, say, garlic, they can give you all that awesome sweet onion-y flavor without leaving your breath smelling like garlic. I mean, they do leave your breath smelling like ramps, but that's a much finer, rarer thing to smell like. People will literally want you to breathe into their face after eating a bowl full of this extra-ramp-y ramp risotto. More

The Vegan Experience: Green Risotto with Mushrooms

Normally I'll finish my risotto off-heat with a bit of whipped cream to lighten it up and add some extra creaminess to the sauce. But trying to develop good vegan version had me experimenting with alternative liquids. What I discovered was that cooked vegetable purees are even better for loosening your risotto than whipped cream. Not only do they add sauciness to the dish, but they pack it with flavor as well. More

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