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Why Do McCain's People Need to Hate On Arugula?

©iStockPhoto.com/YinYang When the Obama campaign attacked John McCain for owning seven houses, McCain's people returned fire, calling Obama "an arugula-eating, pointy-headed professor type." We've now moved from the "What's the matter with Kansas?" to the "What's the matter with arugula?" phase of the presidential campaign. If McCain had asked his wife, Cindy, or his blogger daughter, Meghan, I'm sure they would have explained the many benefits of eating arugula. As Christopher Beam wrote on Slate, arugula is "tasty, healthy, popular, American, and an aphrodisiac." It is said to be used extensively in Republican-leaning country club dining rooms all over this great country of ours, and even more important, it is readily available year-round in every area of the country... More

The 14 M.P.H. Beer Cooler

When I look at this motorized, scooter-based beer cooler, you know what I see? I see a marauding gang of 12 to 15 frat boys, on spring break, riding from hotel to motel to pool to beach. That's not a slam on frat boys. You see, the next logical and ridiculously glorious extension of this "14 M.P.H. beer cooler" is that you'd get together with your buddies and form a 14 M.P.H. beer cooler biker gang. Fraternity brothers already have the legendary party skills; they're notorious for pranks; they're in college, so they've got the time; and they could use house funds to equip themselves. A 500-watt motor drives the cooler, which can hold up to 24 twelve-ounce cans and... More

The Foo Fighters' Tour Rider: Bacon as 'God's Currency'

The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl in Tokyo, where we assume the food is interesting enough for the band. FooFighters.com Tour riders, the extensive lists of do's and don'ts that performers provide venues with prior to their appearances, are always a great to read and chuckle over. The Smoking Gun, that court-document-obsessed website, brings us a great one from the Foo Fighters, who warn caterers against serving boring food and urge them to "think outside of the box as we consider the CHICKEN BREAST": Here are some cool things to do with meat and meat examples:Fried turkey, fried chicken, fried anything, reallySausages, veggie sausages. Big-ass kielbasas that make men self-conscious. Any sort of tubed meats. Maybe a night of "Fair... More

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