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Photo of the Day: The Cherpumple

[Photograph: This Is Why You're Fat] Remember the Cherpumple? That pie-cake-splosion from Charles Phoenix we told you about? Here's a better view of the monster. The anatomy: Bottom: Pumpkin pie inside a spice cake Middle: Apple pie inside a yellow cake Top: Cherry pie inside a white cake, all surrounded by cream cheese frosting That's a whole lot of pie guts. Cherpumple: probably more fun to say than it is to eat. Related How to Make the Cherpumple Cakespy: The Pumpkin-Apple-Pecan Pie Taste Test: Frozen Apple Pies... More

$25,000 Cupcake Car For Sale in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

[Photograph: Neiman Marcus] The annual Neiman Marcus Christmas Book sells fantasy items that about a fraction of a fraction of people could ever afford—$20 million submarine, $1.76 million space charter on the Virgin Galactic spaceship. But the most expensive item this year is relatively cheap: the $25,000 Cupcake Car. "Slip under the muffin top of your Cupcake Car, and let the world figure itself out for awhile," advertises the catalog. Maxing out at seven mph, the ride is tricked out with sprinkles and swirly frosting accessories. California-based artist Lisa Pongrace, who first launched the design at Burning Man, will even customize your topping. This marks Neiman Marcus's attempt to cut back on the $1 million-plus super-ridiculous gifts and settle... More

Color-Coded Breakfasts at Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels are launching their Hilton Breakfast Program across their North American properties by this summer, featuring a system of color-coded labels "to assist guests visually in managing their dietary needs. The labels denote whether the menu item is low-cholesterol, low-fat, high-fiber, low-calorie, high-energy or an indulgence." As Gridskipper's Omri Ceren said, "Who the hell is this for? Are there Jews who'll accidentally eat bacon if it's shaded in fuschia on the menu? Are there diabetics too stupid to avoid adding extra sugar to their pancakes? And if there are diabetics like that, why are we preventing evolution from disposing of them as is right and proper?" Also I wonder what pink labels mean in the program—I mean, everyone... More

Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader

If you've ever had trouble buying something for someone who seems to already have everything, I can all but guarantee they won't have Cuisipro's Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader. $11 buys you a foot-long tool with color-coded silicon paddles on each end—light brown for the peanut butter and purple for the jelly—to prevent the dreaded bottle cross-contamination and horrible bread tearing that the usage of knives inflicts. Yes, it's dishwasher-safe, and yes, it comes with a 25-year warranty, although really, by the year 2032 our sandwiches should be spreading themselves.... More

Now At Krispy Kreme: Hot Fresh Whole Wheat Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme introduced their newest doughnuts yesterday: they're glazed, caramel flavored... and made of whole wheat: "The company called the new doughnut an alternative for health-conscious consumers, with 180 calories. The original glazed has 200 calories, according to the company's Web site." Seriously, a saving of just 20 calories? Sorry, but that's the same vein of ridiculous as people who order gallon-size Diet Cokes along with their buttered popcorn at the movie theater because they think it's going to help them lose weight. Have the real thing occasionally as a treat—you won't feel deprived, and perhaps even more important, you won't be fooling yourself about your nutrition. [via yumsugar]... More

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