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Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach, CA and the Problem With Lists

Slice Lance Roberts 21 comments

Zagat recently named Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach one of the highest-rated pizzeria in the country. We went to see how it stacked up and ended up wondering: Is this new rash of best-of lists hurting or helping the promotion of truly great pizza? More

Stuffed Burgers and Stunning Ocean Views at Wonderland in San Diego

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 1 comment

Awesome views of waves, surfers, and the sunset are side benefits to visiting Wonderland. There are also solid burgers and killer sweet potato waffle fries to be had here. More

Chain Reaction: Lazy Dog

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

Lazy Dog has an extensive kitchen-sink menu including seven different burgers, plus a separate menu just for dogs. Skip the burgers and go for the apps. More

Hill Country Burger Delight at O'Brien's Restaurant in Bergheim, TX

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 1 comment

A surprisingly good burger pops up in the hill country of Texas just outside of San Antonio. More

A Funky Dry Aged Burger in Midtown at Pennsylvania 6

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 8 comments

Pennsylvania 6's fantastic dry aged burger is an easy recommendation for anyone traveling through Penn Station or visiting Madison Square Garden. More

Burgers (& More) Just Off the Beaten Path at Hop Alley Brew Pub in Alpharetta, GA

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 6 comments

Beerhounds can go nerd out over ABVs and IBUs all day long, but this little gem of a brewpub I hadn't even heard of is cranking out some excellent burgers that are among the best I've found recently. More

Li'l Woody's Brings a Big Bite in Seattle

A Hamburger Today Charles Lam 12 comments

One of several new Capitol Hill burger newcomers, Li'l Woody's caters to the neighborhood's rapidly transitioning—and increasingly hip—residents. Good news is, Li'l Woody's is pretty good at catering to everyone else as well. More

A Flavorful, Nearly Excellent Burger at OTB in Williamsburg

A Hamburger Today Noah Arenstein 17 comments

Before Mayor Bloomberg shut them down in 2010, off-track betting parlors, or OTBs, were a bastion of classic NYC seediness. Earlier this year, the OTB was revived in the form of a bar/restaurant in a prospering section of South Williamsburg. The cheeseburger is a classic, straightforward rendition, but it's the crisp, chili-brined fries that are the real winner. More

Meatball Burgers at Soda & Swine in San Diego

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 2 comments

Come for the giant meatballs, smashed on the griddle and topped with cheese, bacon, and veggies, and stay for the sides, like fries with malt vinegar aioli and deep-fried pizza knots stuffed with melted mozzarella. More

Is the Jucy Lucy at The Anthem in Chicago the Real Deal?

A Hamburger Today Dennis Lee 5 comments

The Anthem's Jucy Lucy is a decent novelty burger worth trying if you're watching a game on one of the projection screens while pounding down malt sodas with your bros, but it doesn't live up to the original Jucy Lucy from Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. More

El Gauchito Butcher and Steakhouse: Get Yourself to the Argentinian

New York Max Falkowitz 5 comments

For years, my answer to "where should we go for steak" has always been the same: the Argentinian, of course. The Argentinian in question is Mario José, the man behind El Gauchito, a steakhouse and butcher shop on Corona Avenue between Corona and Elmhurst. It's not just my favorite steak-on-a-budget restaurant; it's my favorite place for steak, period. More

Crispy Quesadilla Burger at Brisco County Wood Grill in Menomonee Falls, WI

A Hamburger Today Lacey Muszynski 8 comments

This Western-themed, jack-of-all-trades restaurant serves up super juicy burgers with lots of seasoning. More

An Overdressed Burger at Corazon Y Miel in Los Angeles

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 4 comments

The folks behind Corazon Y Miel have a restaurant with great potential, but their burger needs some tweaking. More

Worldly Southern and Cheap Burgers at Marietta

New York Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Marietta is the latest Brooklyn-esque Southern restaurant from the people who brought us Peaches, the Smoke Joint, and Little Brother in and around Bed-Stuy. As with those places, the focus is on new (and not-so-new) takes on Southern classics, with nods to premium ingredients and reasonable pricing. You've heard this story before, but Marietta is one of the few restaurants of its kind where the ingredient-driven cooking actually pays off, and where the prices really are reasonable. More

Chain Reaction: P. Terry's Burger Stand

A Hamburger Today Meredith Bethune 5 comments

This Austin burger chain specializes in burgers made with all natural, vegetarian-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free angus beef. They also offer several options for those avoiding red meat. More

San Antonio, TX: Remember the Cheeseburger at Chris Madrid's

A Hamburger Today Damon Gambuto 5 comments

This San Antonio joint is serving up some unforgettable cheeseburgers that are not to be missed. More

San Francisco: Old-School Burgers and a Risque Twist at Bill's Place

A Hamburger Today David Kover 4 comments

A quirky menu and excellent milkshakes make Bill's Place a good neighborhood spot, even if the burger comes up a bit short. More

Portland: Come for the Cheeseburger, Stay for the Poutine at Sideshow Eatery

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 4 comments

In downtown Portland, Sideshow Eatery slings some seriously tasty (if not totally authentic) poutine alongside classic (or gourmet) cheeseburgers. More

Atlanta: Enjoy Some Bark with Your Bite at Lucky's Burger & Brew

A Hamburger Today Todd Brock 4 comments

Lucky's didn't win any Best of Breed awards in my burger book, but they do some solid pub grub in a canine-friendly atmosphere that's fun for two- and four-legged friends alike. More

MP Taverna: Not Your Average Astoria Greek Restaurant

New York Max Falkowitz 6 comments

In interviews, Michael Psilakis has made clear that MP Taverna, his casual restaurant brand now in Astoria, features a more visceral, less cerebral approach to Greek food. That doesn't mean the menu is dumbed down or made less "ethnic." It means you're happy that the kitchen is generous with that pita, because those stray licks of olive oil on the plate won't finish themselves. More

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