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Caffeinated Complaint: Why Is Restaurant Coffee So Bad?

I'm just going to come out and ask a burning (read: possibly inflammatory) question: Why is restaurant coffee generally so terrible? Seriously, why is it that you can drop a C-note on a beautifully crafted dinner paired with wines recommended by a gifted sommelier, but when the (impressive! delicious!) desserts are presented at the end of the meal they're inevitably accompanied by brown slop that tastes like it was filtered through a gym sock and subsequently microwaved? More importantly, can anything be done about it? More

More Thanksgiving Menus!

[Photo: Robyn Lee] We've made a bunch of additions to our New York Thanksgiving Menu guide as more restaurants firm up their plans—including heavy hitters like the Craft restaurants, 100% vegan options like Pure Food and Wine, and affordable... More

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Restaurant Recreations

Chickpeas with Spinach, inspired by an Arizona tapas bar. [Photograph: makingitwithmeleyna.com] Last week's Weekend Cook and Tell was all about Restaurant Recreations. We asked you to take dishes from your favorite restaurants and try your hand at making them in your own kitchen. Here are some of our favorite responses, sans the white tablecloth. MadelynRodriguez had a particularly memorable meal at Mark's at the Meliá in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Over the weekend she recreated this Blue Cheese and Walnut Pasta to share with her sister. It took two attempts for alliect to perfect Scarpetta's Tomato-Basil Spaghetti but the second batch was "faaaaabulous." The tapas bar Lola in Phoenix, Arizona, inspired meleyna's Chickpeas with Spinach. It's a tasty... More

Eating Out Alone in New York

Over on Serious Eats Talk, clarkie_16 asks for good places to eat out alone in New York. We've got some suggestions here, including a few expected ones—the bars at Balthazar and Otto, grab-and-go joints like the Shake Shack or... More

Shutter Strip on Hudson

[Fork in the Road] It's been a tough year for restaurants across New York and across the country, but some neighborhoods have been hit harder than others, as becomes painfully and troublingly clear in this Fork in the Road... More

Airline Meals Inspire Japanese Toys, Taiwanese Restaurant

Airplane food is low on the list of things I expect to inspire merchandisers and restaurateurs. Yet Japanese toymaker Re-Ment has launched a range of dollhouse-scale airline meals (book me a ticket on Air Bibimbap, please), and a new Taipei restaurant replicates the inflight experience, from stewardesses to plastic trays, on solid ground. Airplane food isn't exactly known for tasting good, so what's the appeal? Well, there's something deeply, inherently satisfying about a compartmentalized dinner, with a little nook for every course, isn't there? In a chaotic world, airline meals, bento boxes and TV dinners tap into our very human desire for order.... More

'The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World' Documentary Series

Tonight at 9 p.m. ET is the premiere of the four-part documentary series The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World on Sundance Channel. The subject of the series, West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, has 5,000 seats and over 300 chefs, and holds stage shows in addition to serving food. Watch the restaurant in action in a promo of the series after the jump. [via New York Times]... More

'Translate server error' Restaurant in China

fun.drno.de No English speakers were involved in the making of the banner for this restaurant in China. I hope. As for the Chinese name, it's just "restaurant." "Translate server error" is definitely more memorable. Related The Best Worst Restaurant Names Ever Lettuce Eat at Pun Restaurants Only Photo of the Day: Custom Cake From Wal-Mart... More

Feasting on the 4th of July in Los Angeles

Clockwise from top left: Blue Velvet; the patio at Wilshire Restaurant, photograph from Peter Pak, MD; BREADBAR The 4th of July can sneak up on you if you're not paying attention. One minute you're cruising through June, reveling in the cornucopia of early summer produce at your local farmers' market and fiddling around with new barbecue ideas, and then bam!—4th of July weekend explodes like a Roman candle and a fistful of sparklers. If you live in Los Angeles and didn't plan your escape from the sweltering city, dread the beach-bound parking lot that will be the 10 Freeway going west, and don't want to fork over the dough to see the fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl, don't despair.... More

Eco-Conscious Dining in London

Where do you eat in London for fish-and-chips made only from nonthreatened species from small-scale farmers, or for a meal where 85% of the ingredients are sourced from within the limits of the London Tube system? Check out Portfolio.com's report on London's environmentally-conscious restaurants.... More

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