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From Serious Eats Talk: 'Where Are the Best Sliders in NYC?'

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban Closed

On AHT parent site Serious Eats, bschwed asks, "Where are the best sliders in NYC, preferably in Manhattan, but anywhere is fine?" Got the dirt? Dish it up here »... More

Letting Cab Drivers Be Food Critics

Erin Zimmer 2 comments

Photograph from Baptiste Pons on Flickr Layne Mosler gets her rides and her food tips from the same place: her cabbies. The Californian, who moved to Buenos Aires in 2005, is a writer for South American Explorer and Time Out Buenos Aires and started a blog called Taxi Gourmet in 2007. For each post, she randomly hops into a cab and lets the driver point her to locro (stew with hominy, peppers and meat parts), lechón (suckling pig), or chinchulín (cow intestines). "I initially thought maybe I want to pick older guys or guys with a potbelly or guys who look like they know how to eat, but you never really know," she told the Washington Post. A cab driver... More

February in Paris

Ed Levine 8 comments

Other than New York, I probably get asked more for Paris restaurant recommendations than for any other city. I like to go armed with a few recommendations I can act on. That's where a trusted pal comes in handy. More

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