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The Space Time Continuum Is at Risk

Galaxies collide and the space-time continuum is at risk: Two Wednesday food sections, two very similar articles: The New York Times with I Love You, but You Love Meat, and the San Francisco Chronice beams down Odd couples: Culinarily mismatched mates achieve harmony in the kitchen.... More

Getting to the Bedroom via the Kitchen

Cathy Erway on the allure of cooking together: ... we can hopefully relate to the experience of getting much closer to someone through the uniquely messy experience of cooking together. Would Annie Hall really have been the 31st greatest American film ever made without that scene in which Annie and Alvy chase evasive lobsters around her apartment floor with the pots all bubbling? Surely it would have slipped out of the top 50.... More

Eggs Benedict Arnold

Eggs Benedict is made with Canadian bacon; Martin Short is hammy and Canadian. The comparisons end there, except for the fact that they were obstacles in my relationship with my boyfriend of nine months. More

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